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Lamar University released its official Spring 2014 enrollment figure of 13,489 students recently. Lamar is up 3.2 percent in headcount and 3.3 percent in credit hours compared to last spring. The university achieved an all-time spring record of 146,394 semester credit hours.

Preliminary looks suggest significant growth in engineering due to increases in international graduate students, as well as Engineering Excellence and Mirabeau Scholarships. The college is up 34.2 percent in semester credit hours and 23.9 percent in headcount.

Lamar’s College of Education and Human Development is also up sharply with 9.2 percent growth in semester credit hours, and a 7.7 percent enrollment increase. This growth is primarily due to growth in the new online master's program in counseling.

Lamar’s College of Business grew 2.1 percent in headcount and 4.8 percent in semester credit hours. In addition, many departments and programs enjoyed growth.

Lamar also has a record 422 doctoral students.

What does that mean to us, as Lamar alumni? Well, in addition to the pride of having attended a first class university, LU's continuing growth in size and educational excellence makes all of our degrees more valuable. We always knew that we received a quality college education at Lamar... now, as our alma mater's reputation spreads, everyone else will know too!

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