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Fees and Rental Procedures



After the university's annual events are scheduled, use of the facility is scheduled on a first come, first served basis. No rental fee is charged for catered, university-sponsored events; however, university employees may not reserve the Reception Center free of charge to sponsor personal functions for families and friends. The fee schedule for outside events follows.

Rental Fees for non-university events

University Reception Center—John Gray Library Eighth Floor:

    Wedding and Reception (all 3 rooms) $3550

    Wedding Reception (all 3 rooms) $3250

    Plummer Room $1200

    Spindletop Room $700

    Lamar Room $500

The time allotted for each event is four hours.  If both a wedding ceremony and reception are conducted in the University Reception Center an additional hour is allowed for a ceremony immediately preceding the reception.  One and a half hours are allowed the evening before the wedding for a rehearsal.  The time of the rehearsal must be coordinated with the director of the University Reception Center.

Accommodations may be made for one hour of decorating time prior to events other than wedding receptions.** Another hour immediately following the event is allowed for the removal of personal items.  All personal items must be removed within that hour.

**Four hours immediately preceding a wedding reception are allowed for setup and deliveries.  Up to four additional hours the day prior to the reception are allowed for decorating and deliveries.  (These four hours must be taken during normal business hours.) 

Additional time may be purchased at the rate of $100/hour.  All events must end no later than midnight.

Delivery times for outside vendors must be coordinated through the director of the University Reception Center.

John Gray Center:

    Elvis Mason Conference Room $150

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the rental fee and a signed rental contract and indemnity clause are required within forty-eight hours of booking the event. The balance is due three days prior to the event. Lamar University students, alumni, administrators, faculty and staff receive a 10% discount on rental of the floor for personal events. This discount does not apply to any other services or rentals.

The rental fees for the Reception Center and John Gray Center cover use of the room, and tables and chairs. Linens and other décor items may be rented for an additional fee.

All events at which alcohol is served are subject to a 10% refundable damage deposit.  The cost of clean-up is included in the rental price.  However, if the event results in unusual cleaning, the cost of this cleanup will be subtracted from the damage deposit refund.

Reservation Procedures for University Events:

The University Reception Center is available to the campus community for catered events.  It is the faculty sponsor's responsibility to make all reservations, sign contracts and student code of conduct, communicate set-up details, and attend university-sponsored events.  Students may not make or change these arrangements.  Any changes must be submitted by the advisor in writing within one week of the event.  Cancellations must be submitted in writing one week prior to the event.   Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of rights to use the facility.












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