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Five Lamar University Students Discuss the Impact of Donations

Thank a Donor Day

Students gather twice a year to thank and honor Lamar University donors.

These are just a few of the sentiments that students have expressed on Thank a Donor Day:

"I am very much thankful for your support. There are lots of things you could have done with your money. But instead, you choose to do something for people. You are one of many pillars upon which my house of hope is standing. Bless you and your family."- R. Swilker, Lamar University Student

"You have made it possible for me to not only pursue my dreams of becoming an electrical engineer, but to have fun while doing it! Your have dramatically touched my life, and I know I'm not alone."- Lauren Watts, Lamar University Student

"Thank you for helping to make my dream a reality. Without your generosity, finishing school in four years might not have been a possibility. Thank you for relieving my financial burden."- Benny Huynh, Lamar University Student, Class of 2016


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